Workshops and Activities for Samui Travellers

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Who says it’s just the sun, sand, sea and villas in Samui? Granted, that’s a pretty enviable combination, but there’s much more to the island than just the beach. Make the best out of your vacation in paradise by filling up your itinerary with workshops or activities that your entire travelling party will enjoy. Find inspiration for travel planning below:

salsa dance social

Sizzlin’ Salsa

When the Latin music plays, it’s time to groove to the beats! Turn up the heat by trying out some sexy salsa moves at one of the dance socials or classes dotted across the island.

Don’t know where to go? Follow Salsa Samui on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest happening in town, like where to go for a salsa social or free salsa and bachata classes. Venues hosting dance socials on a regular basis include Greenlight Cafe & Bar, Magnolia Cafe, Red Snapper Restaurant and Easy Thai Bar and Restaurant.

Getting Fit (and Fun)

Maybe salsa isn’t your cup of tea. But if you like keeping fit through dancing, why not try a zumba class or two? These aerobic programs work up a good sweat, and typically feature movements inspired by Latin American dances. Vacationers who enjoy cycling will appreciate an evening spin class, while those who are into high-intensity interval training will dig an intensive Tabata training session.

cooking class

Embark on a Thai Culinary Adventure

Oh, what’s the joy in life without delicious food? Since you’re holidaying in Samui, it’ll be the perfect time to learn how to whip up a series of tangy Thai dishes – so you can replicate these delights back home. Discover Thai cuisine and a lush organic garden at Island Organics, where the focus is on fresh, wholesome fare. Other cooking classes that have garnered favourable reviews include Pai Cooking Class, Ying’s Thai Cooking Home and Lamai Thai Cooking School.

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Playing Barista

Mm, can’t resist the taste and aroma of coffee? A coffee making course will float your boat. Make your way to Bon Cafe, where you’ll find a range of courses that suits different needs and interests. Beginners may try their hand at frothing milk or learning the techniques of latte art, while avid coffee lovers and professional barista can sign up for advanced courses or an intensive three-day program.

nartana paint classes in samui

Explore Your Creativity Through Painting

Let your creative talents unfold through colours and painting! Budding artists, avid painters or anyone who has an interest in creative projects and art will enjoy the art classes conducted by Nartana, an artist whose works has been exhibited in galleries across the world.

Alternative Therapy: Reiki

Firm believers of alternative healing therapies may be keen on trying out or learning the techniques of reiki. In this healing technique, the therapist channels energy into the patient through touch, so as to activate the natural healing processes of the body to establish physical and emotional well-being.

Comprehensive 3-day workshops, covering aspects like the history of Reiki, the chakra system, intuitive healing as well as how, when and why one should use Reiki, are conducted at Orion Retreat Centre. Participants will also join in practice and group healing sessions, and receive a certification at the end of the program. Lessons are also available at Reiki Master Thailand, and short courses are conducted on a regular basis at The Yogarden.

nartana paint classes in samui

Keep Calm with Yoga

Stretch, bend and move that body! There’s plenty of beautiful yoga centres to roll out your yoga mat in Samui, so narrow down the options to a place that meets your needs.

Enjoy having personalised attention and precise instructions that come with a one-to-one session? Check out Samahita Retreat, where you’ll attend classes conducted by the retreat centre’s resident yoga instructors. Customised group yoga retreats can be organised at Tamarind Springs or in your private villa. If you’re travelling solo, and are on the lookout for weekly group classes, try out classes conducted at The Yogarden Samui.

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Work Up A Sweat with Muay Thai

Muay Thai, also known as ‘the art of eight limbs’ due to the usage of body parts like the fists, elbows, knees and shins, is an intensive combat sport that requires physical and mental strength in spades. Muay Thai classes and camp are peppered across the island, so you’ll have to choose an option that flows with the level of intensity that you’re comfortable with – are you looking to try out Muay Thai, or do you want to focus on honing your technique and adhering to a rigorous training regime?

If it’s the former, a better option would be to secure your own accommodation and sign up for a series of classes at a Muay Thai centre. Avid Muay Thai practitioners will enjoy the intensity and discipline that places like Superpro Samui, Lamai Muay Thai Camp and Jun Muay Thai Camp offer.


Watersports: Do You Snookah?

Abundant choices for watersports await in Samui! If you’re one who enjoys surfing and sailing, your best bet will be windsurfing, which offers a combination of elements of both sports. Or dive deep to explore the magical underwater world of the island; dive centres like Discovery Dive Centre offer equipment, snorkelling classes, scuba diving lessons for beginners and PADI diving courses.

But if you like the freedom of plunging down into the depths of the ocean without the use of breathing apparatus, try your hand at freediving – a sport where divers rely on their ability to hold their breath until they resurface. For a kid-friendly activity that your entire clan can enjoy, give snookah diving – a cross between snorkelling and scuba diving – a go.


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