Dining in Samui: Vegetarian and Vegan Haunts

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We show you the best eateries to get your veggie fix in Samui!

Vegans and vegetarians may find it a challenge to stick to their diet while travelling, as it can be difficult to find restaurants dishing out vegetarian and vegan meals during their travel trip. This problem may be particularly prevalent in South-east Asian countries, as meat is often included in a majority of the local dishes.

We understand your dietary concerns, and have sent the foodies in our team on an important mission – to sniff out the best food haunts on the island serving up delicious veggie fare!

Be sure to check out our post below, and discover the places that you can get your veggie fix at:

Sweet Sisters Cafe
Sweet Sisters Cafe

Sweet Sisters Cafe (Chaweng)

Bright, airy and inviting, Sweet Sisters Cafe welcomes all diners in search of healthy and tasty fare. When it comes to their selection of ingredients, Chef Noy only makes do with the best, and opts for fresh, local produce and organic items. Not a trace of MSG is found in the hearty and wholesome dishes served in the eatery.

Diners will find a variety of Thai and fusion dishes available on the menu, with most of the items being vegetarian or vegan. Those who cannot do without animal protein will not have to go hungry, for there is a selection of meat dishes served here. With its variety of scrumptious food, dished out in generous portions, it is hardly surprising that Sweet Sisters Cafe wins rave reviews from its guests.

June's Art Cafe
June’s Art Cafe

June’s Art Cafe (Bo phut)

June’s Art Cafe boasts a quaint and cosy setting. Art pieces adorn its walls, and one will find charming handicrafts for sale displayed within the cafe. The cafe starts its operations in the morning at 9:30 A.M., and welcomes a steady stream of customers until it closes in the evenings. Visitors can expect to find an array of sumptuous food with pocket-friendly prices.

The cafe is well-recommended as a brunch spot. Start the day with a buzz by downing a cup of well-made coffee, and satiate your rumbling tummy with delicious breakfast items, refreshing juices, smoothies, shakes. Whichever time of the day you choose to dine at the cafe, be sure to end your meal well with a decadent slice of raw chocolate cheesecake.

Apart from tasty fare, June and her team also charms customers with their warm and welcoming service. Travellers who are residing in Samui for an extended period of time will find it a challenge not to make repeated visits at the cafe.

Radiance Restaurant
Radiance Restaurant

Radiance Restaurant

Villa travellers in search of wholesome vegetarian and vegan fare in Samui should definitely make a stop by Radiance Restaurant. Tucked away in the Spa Resort, the restaurant is well-situated in a lovely spot, and overlooks the beautiful beach.

Visitors may expect to feast on a wide variety of Thai and international dishes, ranging from spring rolls and salads, to raw food items such as Pad Thai and pizza. Travellers who cannot get enough of the taste of hearty and healthy items on the menu can also sign up for raw food cooking classes at the restaurant.


Noori (Chaweng)

Diners in search of dishes with a spicy kick will be satisfied with the well-flavoured Indian fare at Noori. The restaurant serves a wide variety of meat and non-meat dishes, and boasts a fairly extensive vegetarian menu.

Be sure to order a serving (or more!) of the warm and fluffy naan bread, as much mention has been made of this delectable item. Visitors will also be pleased by the friendly and prompt service provided.

Lamai Veggie

Boasting a small and cosy setting, Lamai Veggie offers diners with a selection of vegan meals. The meals, painstakingly prepared by the warm and affable owner, reminds one of hearty, home-cooked fare. A selection of wholesome home-made teas and juices are also available for diners to quench their thirst.

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    There is one more 100% vegan place on Koh Samui (in Lamai area, just in 120 meters from Lamai Veggie which is the last one in this listing) — Yoga House & Spa (http://house-yoga.com/en/vegan-cafe). It is inside the yoga studio, just opened (July 2016), is cozy & nicely decorated, offers (mostly) European dishes & desserts from Monday to Saturday (11 AM — 7 PM).

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