Travel Guide: Best Alternative Activities in Samui

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Not quite in the mood for joining popular travel activities that Samui is known for? Read on, for we bring you a list of fun-filled alternative travel activities that you can enjoy in Samui!

Walking Street in Samui
Walking Street in Samui

You are in the midst of your vacations in tropical Samui, but you do not quite feel like joining in any of the usual travel activities popular among vacation makers. A day spent trekking, surfing or snorkeling outdoors does not seem like an appealing option to you…but what else can you do?

Fret not!

The travel addicts at have worked up with a solution, by bringing you a list of alternative travel acitivities in Samui. Read on to discover more in our post below!

  • Samui’s Walking Streets: Myriad of Shops and Street Eats

Do not miss out on exploring the renowned walking streets of Samui. Browse through endless rows of stalls hawking a galore of goods, such as clothing, souvenirs, handicrafts and accessories.

After an evening of exploration, satisfy the rumblings of your hungry tummy by indulging in an array of delectable street eats.

Culinary Classes
Culinary Classes
  • Culinary Classes: Whip Up A Feast!

Are you an avid cook who simply cannot get enough of the appetising flavours of Thai cuisine?

If you have enthusiastically answered ‘yes’, joining a culinary class during your vacation in Samui will definitely float your boat!

After meeting your chef, you will be brought on a trip to the local markets to shopknowledgeabl for ingredients required for the cooking class. Apart from sharing a wealth of cooking tips, your host will also regale interesting tales offering insights on the local Thai culture.

Thai Beef Salad
Thai Beef Salad

Next, you will learn how to whip up a selection of Thai fare, such as flavourful beef salads, stir-fried seafood dishes and tangy Thai curries in your host’s well-equipped home kitchen.

Finally, reap the fruits of your labour at the end of your cooking session, by tucking into the array of dishes that you have prepared together with your host.

  • Yoga: Get All Stretchy and Bendy!

Do you feel a need to release the knots in your tense muscles, or work away the nervous energy in your system?

Salsa Socials
Salsa Socials

A good hour of yoga serves as a great solution. Get all stretchy and bendy as you heed the instructions of your yoga teacher, and slowly release your body into a variety of poses. At the end of an invigorating session, you will leave the yoga studio feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • Salsa: Dance The Night Away!

Salsa addicts, slip on your dancing shoes, and get ready for a night of energetic dancing and saucy Latin music!

Samui’s active dance scene throws up a good selection of places for you to salsa away to groovy tunes. Villa travellers who are keen to pick up a range of sexy Latin dance moves can also pop into a dance studio for drop-in salsa classes.


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