Wellness Travel in Samui: 3 Ways to Take it Slow and Easy

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We show you three ways to carry out your wellness travel plans in Samui!

Wellness Travel

Packed with a myriad of must-dos, to-dos and will-dos, our daily routine often involves no fair amount of rush and bustle. Therefore, when it comes to taking a well-deserved travel break, it is time to hit the ‘pause’ button on your personal remote control, and to embark on a vacation that allows you to slow down, smell the roses and to recharge yourself fully before resuming your usual routine.

There are several ways in which we can unwind and rejuvenate ourselves. You may decide to relieve your daily stresses by engaging in phyical activities, or by undergoing a cleansing detox diet. Proponents of holistic healing systems will tell you that you that the mind and body are intertwined – you cannot heal the body without healing the mind. Following this logic, a wellness travel vacation is not complete without several mind-clearing meditation sessions.

If a wholesome wellness vacation has been hanging about in the recesses of your mind, now is the time to take action by making concrete travel plans. Be sure to take some mental notes as you read on, for we show you three ways to take it slow and easy in Samui:

Detox retreat
Detox Diet

Clean Up: Detox at Samahita Retreat

The daily bustle of a fast-paced urban lifestyle imposes more stress on our bodies than we know. If you find yourself feeling more tired than usual, or that your system feels sluggish, why not try undergoing a detox program during your vacation?

Holidaymakers venturing to sunny Samui will find a diversity of wellness and detox program catered to meet their individual needs at Samahita Retreat. The professional practitioners tailor these programs according to the individual’s body type, needs, goals and personal preferences. For example, a supported program will be recommended for individuals with high levels of toxicity in their bodies, while a fasting detox approach will be advised for visitors with a slow metabolism rate.

Meditation retreat

Elements in the detox program include using an Ayurvedic herbal detox formula, along with therapies, supplements, yoga sessions and a balanced diet consisting of food items and juices. Other wellness programs offered by Samahita Retreat includes the de-stress program, healthy weight program and candida detox program.

Clear Up: Meditation Classes at Marga Yoga

Calm your inner turbulences, and still your mind by participating in a meditation session. As you follow the inhalations and exhalations of your breath, release all thoughts, watching them come and go without engaging in thought or mental activities.

Yoga retreat
Yoga Retreat

Travellers may sign up for drop-in meditation classes at Marga Yoga, or participate in a retreat offering a combination of yoga, meditation, detox diets and holistic treatments.

Stretch Out: Yoga at Absolute Sanctuary

Got a stiff back or tight muscles in your body? Perhaps a getting a good stretch in a rejuvenating yoga class is just what you need!

Keen yoga enthusiasts will find a wide array of yoga classes available at Absolute Sanctuary. Advanced practitioners may join in invigorating Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hot Flow classes, while beginners may opt for the Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga sessions. End off your yoga session with a tranquilising Meditation and Pranayama class, and you will leave the yoga studio feeling comepletely zen-like and refreshed.

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