Guide for Nature Lovers: Best of Hiking in Samui

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Nature lovers, lace up your hiking shoes and gear up for a thrilling hike outdoors along one of the best nature treks in Samui!

Forest Hiking in Samui
Forest Hiking in Samui

Samui Trekking

Outdoor enthusiasts keen on discovering a different side of Samui will be delighted to embark on a hiking adventure with Samui Trekking. Your friendly and amiable guide and trek organiser, Laurence, will take you off the well-trodden beaten path, and on to fascinating trails to explore the hidden gems on the island.

The treks are classified into four levels. Level one treks are the easiest and recommended to all travellers in good health, while level four treks are strenuous activities that require a high level of fitness and adventure.

Beach Trek in Samui
Beach Trek in Samui

The trekking trails snake around beaches, orchards and mountains, offering travellers with vistas of the luxuriant vegetation, abundant wildlife and picturesque surroundings of the island.

Hikers will also gain a wealth of insights and information, for the knowledgeable guides will often point out and provide explanations about exotic plants, herbs and wildlife that you encounter along the trek. Indeed, this is an eye-opening experience that is well recommended for all nature lovers travelling in Samui!

Hiking on Samui

Hiking on Samui Tours
Hiking on Samui Tours

Traverse through meandering trails leading you to scenic sights of lush waterfalls, rocky mountain ridges, rolling valleys and emerald tropical gardens. Vacation makers with an insatiable appetite for nature and the outdoors will be brimming with excitement at the thought of joining one of the many hiking adventures that Hiking on Samui offers.

Amiable and knowledgeable, Femke will guide you along your expeditions. Depending on the location and level of intensity, these treks may last for a duration ranging between one to four hours. The trails will lead hikers to discover the best of Mother Nature’s beauty in Nathon, Lipa Noi and Maenam.


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