Travel Guide: 7 Outdoor Activities For Samui Travellers

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Gorgeous Samui draws hordes of vacation makers captivated by her diverse beauty. Travellers who traverse her lands are rewarded with vast vistas of pristine shores, turquoise waters, tropical greenery, rolling mountains, cascading waterfalls…the list goes on!

There are so many outdoor activities that one can embark on to discover these glorious sights. Prep yourself for the following list of fascinating outdoor activities for travellers in Samui:

ATV Tours in Samui
ATV Tours in Samui

ATV Tour with X-Quad Samui

Designed to navigate through a diversity of terrains, the ATV serves as the perfect vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts to explore Samui’s lush natural surroundings. Travellers who are up for a wild and exciting time will enjoy maneuvering through muddy trails, rocky mountains, dense jungles, winding rivers and sandy coasts on the powerful ATV.  Adventurous holidaymakers can take their pick from a variety of ATV tours with a duration lasting between a brief twenty minutes to two-and-a-half hours.

Boutique Yachting Tour in Samui
Boutique Yachting Tour in Samui

Boat Tours with Boutique Yatching

Are you keen on setting sight on Samui’s picturesue beauty, but find yourself feeling a little too lazy to venture on an active outdoor trek?

Travellers who are hit by a bout of languor may find that a boat tour with Boutique Yatching will suit their preferences to a T. Tourists who opt for the day tour or a customised overnight charter will find themselves cruising along the azure seas in comfort, for they will enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding scenery from the spacious outdoor deck, dine al fresco on a delicious buffet spread and take sips of well-made cocktails during the magical hour of sunset.

Holidaymakers travelling in groups of ten to fourteen may personalise their trip when they embark on an overnight charter. Those who opt for a day trip may join a cruise that will bring them to discover the beautiful Angthong Marine National Park or the scenic coastlines of Koh Matsum, Koh Tan and the Five Islands.

Eco Safari Tours in Samui
Eco Safari Tours

Eco Safari Tour

An eco safari tour offers travellers with the chance to try out a plethora of outdoor activities, such as jeep safaris, elephant trekking and ox-cart riding at a go.

These activities are usually full-day tours lasting about eight hours. The activities included in the tours vary, depending on the itineraries by different tour operators. Most of the tours include activities such as elephant trekking through jungles or coconut plantations, live animal shows and rubber plantation visits. Visitors will also experience a form of transport utilised by farmers in the olden days when they sit atop a farmer’s wagon drawn by an ox through the rice fields. Other activities include watching a heart-stopping match of Muay Thai.

Elephant Trekking Tour in Samui
Elephant Trekking Tour

Elephant Trekking

Explore a diverse variety of tropical flora and fauna, stop by cascading waterfalls and traverse the verdant grounds of Samui’s dense rain forests via elephant trekking!

Swaying gently from side to side as they amble through well-trodden pathways, the elephants bring groups of travellers through emerald jungles, meandering rivers and an array of breathtaking sights. A popular activity among vacation makers in Thailand, travellers keen on embarking on an elephant trekking advenure will find a good number of tour operators organising these activities. Reviews of tour operators are aplenty online, so do keep in mind to browse through the traveller reviews to weed out tour operators that are known to provide poor living conditions and treatment of the elephants.

Idyllic Beaches at Angthong National Marine Park
Idyllic Beaches at Angthong National Marine Park

Explore Angthong Marine National Park

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, Angthong National Marine Park is an archipelago of forty two islands. Popular among tourists and locals, the attraction draws hordes of visitors keen on exploring its picturesque beauty.

Visitors of the national park are spoilt for choice, for it offers much to see and do. Vacation makers with a love for underwater expeditions will enjoy embarking on scuba diving and snorkeling trips. Those who prefer staying dry on land may cruise atop the waters on a kayak, or lounge languorously on the sandy shores. Travellers with an appetite for adventure will enjoy getting a thrill of adrenaline rush from venturing on a challenging hiking trip.

Hiking on Samui Tours
Hiking on Samui Tours


Lace up your hiking shoes, and embark on a sporty hike to discover the best of Samui’s natural beauty!

Accompanied by experienced guides, hikers will be brought along trails that snake past sweeping coasts, rocky mountains, dense forests and and rocky mountains. There are a variety of hikes suitable for travellers of different levels of physical fitness, and these hikes may last between a duration of one to four hours.

Zip lining in Samui
Zip lining in Samui

Zipling Adventure with Canopy Adventures Secret Falls

Warning: This outdoor adventure is not meant for the faint-hearted!

Travellers with a streak of adventure will be brimming with excitement at the thought of embarking on an outdoor trip with Secret Falls Canopy Adventures. Along with a couple of travel guides, vacation makers will be brought along a trek up a hill until they have arrived at a platform on the peak. Next, take a deep breath and steel your nerves, for a speedy zipline from the hilltop forms the next part of your adventure!

Experience a surge of adrenaline as you cruise down swiftly at a rate of fifty miles per hour. Keep your eyes open, for this adventure provides a view like no other. The hilltop location ensures that you will be rewarded with unobstructed vistas of white sand shores, boundless oceans and emerald greenery.

The best part is that the adventure does not stop at one. Travellers will zip from one platform to another, across a total of fifteen separate cables and twenty-one treetop platforms. Indeed, this is an adventure of a lifetime that adrenaline junkies should not miss out on!


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