Kid-friendly Activities in Samui

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Samui presents a plethora of activities perfect for the young and the young at heart. Fill up your vacation days with a good mix of outdoorwellness and beach activities. If you need a little inspiration when it comes to planning a holiday containing plenty of family-friendly fun, check out our suggestions below:

Cooking Classes at Spice Spoons, Anantara Lawana

Cooking Classes at Spice Spoons, Anantara Lawana

A cooking class with Spice Spoons promises to take you on an insightful culinary adventure. Guided by experienced instructors, you will embark on a tour at the local market, visit organic and coconut farms, and partake in an intriguing temple merit making experience. Delving deep into discovering more about Thai cuisine, you will learn about the diverse flavours, fascinating culture and health benefits of the local dishes and ingredients.

Your little ones may not be as keen on learning about the different kinds of Thai spices, or in whipping up a mean Thai curry, but fret not – there are fun-filled classes designed specially for the young ones. Suitable for children between the ages of five to twelve, the classes focus on preparing international favourites such as burgers, pizzas and Thai desserts.

Kayaking in Samui

Ang Thong Marine National Park 

A vacation to Samui is not complete without a riveting exploration of the island’s coastal scenery. Hop on a speedboat, and enjoy cruising along the turquoise waters as you gaze out at myriad islands making up Angthong Marine National Park. A full-day tour of the marine park will please nature lovers, for it presents multiple opportunities for snorkeling, diving, hiking and kayaking.

Go Kart in Samui

Go Kart

Adrenaline junkies will not say no to a stimulating go kart adventure! Chaweng, Bo Phut and Lamai houses a selection of go kart compounds with lengthy tracks presenting varying levels of difficulty. Those with young ones in tow can ride a double go kart, while thrill-seekers may opt for vehicles that can race at a swift speed of 100 kph.

Samui Paint ball

Wage a Paint Ball War

If you and your family members are on the search for some good ol’ rowdy fun, why not get into a combative paint ball fight?

Don on your protective paint ball gear, pick a gun and be prepared to wage a war! It is important that you pick a good battleground, so make your way to Samui Paintball Party. The commodious grounds and extensive selection of props set up the scene for an enthusiastic paint ball fight.

Taling Ngam Beach

Beach: Fun Under the Sun

If you have packed your vacation days with a myriad of travel activities, it may be a good idea to set aside a day or two for rest and relaxation. Soak up the bright rays of the tropics, and venture out to Samui’s paradisiacal coasts for a day of fun under the sun. Holidaymakers residing in one of the many gorgeous beachfront villas will have no reasons not to frolic along the shores, for the golden sands and azure seas are just a few quick footsteps away…

Light a lantern Samui

Light a Lantern

On a cool night, venture out for a leisurely stroll along one of the many sweeping beaches in Samui. If you are wandering along the fine sands of Chaweng beach, it is likely that you will be approached by vendors selling paper lanterns. Purchase a lantern, assemble it together with your little ones before releasing it, and watch it drift up high into the velvety night sky…

Villa Gardenia

Pool Party

Villa travellers, put that sparkling pool and spacious pool deck to good use by throwing a family poolside party! Start off with a round of sundowners (or mocktails for the little ones) during the evening, sipping slowly at your drinks while you watch the scenic sunset. Next, let the experienced staff fire up a delightful barbecue, filling up the dinner table with a delicious spread of grilled delicacies. When the feasting is over, crank up the music player to set the stage for a night of poolside dancing!

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