Where to Eat in Samui: 5 Fine Dining Spots

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Got a date? Celebrating a special night? Or, are you simply in the mood for dining somewhere extra special

Tree Tops Restaurant Samui

Tree Tops Chaweng

Just as its name suggests, Tree Tops at Anantara Lawana Chaweng is a luxurious sky dining experience that whisks you up and away to soaring heights. There are eight open concept private dining pavilions built at different intervals, each seating between two to eight diners.

With perfect views for miles around, this restaurant offers unmatched ambiance for a romantic dinner, and offers a very unique treetop dining experience. With a little imagination you could fancy yourself as Tarzan, King of the Jungle, albeit in a much more refined environment. The dining menu is a delight to behold, with an emphasis on seafood. For something extra special, try the candlelight degustation menu, or sample the intriguing curated salt tray filled with a selection of artisan salts.

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Orgasmic Restaurant Samui

Orgasmic Bo Phut

With a name like ‘Orgasmic’, you would expect a restaurant to impress. And Orgasmic certainly does – in terms of food, ambience and service. The affable wait staff present scented, cold towels the moment you arrive, and a variety of complimentary appetisers are served along with your drinks. Throughout the night, you can expect nothing less than attentive and discreet service.

The menu presents an array of exotic fusion delicacies. Red Tuna Tartar, Duck Carpaccio with Aquitaine hazelnut oil, Goat Cheese Fritters with salad and Lobster Croquette are tasty starters perfect for kickstarting your meal. Sumptuous mains, like the Maine Lobster, Kobe Wagyu Beef Tenderloin and the comical-sounding Scottish and Orgasmic Salmon will wow diners with a fondness for meat and seafood.

The best part is that all of these delicacies are enjoyed in a stunning beachfront setting overlooking Samui’s scenic coasts. Is there anything more that you could possibly ask for?

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Dr Frogs Bar & Grill Samui

Dr Frogs Bar & Grill Chaweng

Dr Frogs boasts winning sea views, cosy interiors and a mix of classic Italian and traditional Thai dishes. A lounge area and bar fills up the indoor space, while the airy terrace offer twenty-five tables. Meals are an unhurried experience to be enjoyed here, for you get to feast on an amazing coastal view as you wine and dine.

Do not miss out on the extraordinary pizzas at the restaurant – thin, crisp and loaded with scrumptious ingredients, they are a delight to tuck into. Diners with a hearty appetite can fill up remaining stomach space with savoury nibbles like the Prosciutto di Parma Rotolini di Ricotta e Mango and Phad Prik Ka Gop, a dish of frog legs pan-fried with garlic, chili and herbs, or a decadent treat of Mango Creme Brulee.

Barracuda SamuiBo Phut

Barracuda @ The Wharf Bo Phut

For a date-worthy fine-dining spot, you will not go wrong with Barracuda. Beautiful wood panels pave the floors and line the walls. Simple orbs dangle from the ceiling, casting a soft, amber glow over the interiors. If your date is an avid cook with a love for culinary pursuits, you have just scored yourself extra brownie points, for the kitchen’s open concept design allows diners to catch the chefs in action.

Anticipation will build up as you watch the expert hands of the chefs deftly put together an array of dishes. The result is a series of delectable Mediterranean fare with a tasteful touch of Thai. Try the Basil-infused Yellow-Fin Tuna bedded on roasted pineapple, Thai asparagus and soy-ginger vinaigrette or the Fillet of Sea-Bass on mash, chorizo and spiced lentils with basil oil. Traditionalists will end the meal with a classic Hot Chocolate Lava, while diners with an adventurous palate will be delighted to give the Chilled Mango Soup with lychee granita a go.

Drinks Gallery Samui

Drink Gallery Bo Phut

Looking for a dining spot that offers a beautiful setting and tasty fare, but none of the stiffness of a posh, fine-dining restaurant?

Make your way to the Drink Gallery, and you will find an establishment that hits all the right notes. While not a fine-dining spot, this dining platform boasts a sophisticated look and stylish vibes. The cavernous interiors are irresistibly chic – expansive floor-to-ceiling glass flank a side of the restaurant, the grey walls lend a raw, industrial touch and furniture in a vibrant red enliven the space. When night beckons, elaborate chandeliers hanging from the soaring ceiling light up the interiors.

You will find a range of Thai and western dishes on the menu. Try the restaurant’s signature dishes, like the Samui Rangoon, Roasted Garlic Ravioli and Roasted Lamp Chops. Alternatively, satisfy your craving for local fare by having a taste of Phad Thai, and rounding out your meal with a Sticky Rice and Mango.

The main draw of this place is its drinks, so do not leave without having a glass or two of beautifully-presented concoctions. With more than twenty cocktails on the menu, there is always one more drink to try before you end the night. A live band plays nightly, setting the stage for an engaging night of food, fun and entertainment.

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