Where to Eat in Samui: 7 Dessert Spots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Got a sugar craving? Whether you like a good ol’ pie, crumbly cake or traditional Thai dessert, we promise that these dessert places in Samui will hit your sweet spot: 

1. Desserts, Cocktails and A Stunning Seaview: Air Bar

At Air Bar, well-crafted cocktails and exquisite desserts come with a gorgeous view. Here is the place to head to when you seek an evening of sundowners and tasty nibbles. The world-class mixologists behind the bar ensure that you get nothing less than a glass of top-notch concoction, and luscious desserts, like the cheesecake with a macadamia peanut crust or lemon meringue tart, will satsify your deepest sugar cravings.


2. You Can’t Go Wrong with French: Boulangerie Patisserie Francaise

There is no better way than to start your day on a sweet note. When it comes to breakfast, you cannot go wrong with French treats, so make a stop by Boulangerie Patisserie Francaise to get your fill of indulgent pastries and breads. A whiff of the buttery aroma will send all traces of willpower out of the window, so watch yourself before you start sweeping the trays clean of its crusty croissants, crumbly citron cakes and lovely eclairs.

3. Cake Heaven: Lolamui Cafe

It is hard not to be charmed by Lolamui Cafe at Lamai. Set in an expansive garden, the cafe features a series of quaint wooden houses and an old train car. The setting and decor are absolutely delightful, but it is not the main attraction. The star of the show is the variety of fresh-baked treats painstakingly made by Khun Pun, the owner and chef at the cafe.

Be prepared to be mind-boggled when it is time to pick a cake – will it be the chocolate, berry cheesecake, beer cake or the irresistable-sounding Horlicks marble cake? If cakes are not your cup of tea, you could always go for the pumpkin custard, chocolate lava or banoffee pie. One thing is for sure – do grab a slice of the much coveted coconut cake. Aromatic, feather-light and creamy, this is one treat that is not to be missed!

Le Salon de Ti Samui

4. Afternoon Teas are an Exquisite Affair: Le Salon de Ti

Travel back in time with an afternoon tea session at the exquisite Le Salon de Ti. Ornate chandeliers, silky drapes and Louis SVI-style furniture fill up the interiors, creating a setting that exudes elegant and welcoming vibes. Take caution before you sink down into the plush seats, for you might never want to get up from its pillowy comforts.

In such a beautiful setting, only the very best high tea treats will make do. Le Salon de Ti does not disappoint on this count, and dishes up a good selection of sweet and savoury delights. Cleanse your palate with a sparkling banana and pineapple foam before tucking into a smoked salmon roulade or egg and curry mayonnaise sandwich. Satusfy your sugar cravings with the well-made macaroons, lemon and raisin scones, fruit tartlets and brownie cheesecake. A Dilmah tea bar ensures that you will be enjoying some of the finest hand-picked tea varieties, or sampling a unique tea-based cocktail. Yum.

5. Cakes ‘n Pies: Magnolia Cafe

When the sugar cravings hit, perhaps only a slice of really good cheesecake will do. If this happens, there is only one place to head to – Magnolia Cafe. The cafe’s cosy European-style furnishings put each and every visitor in a cheery and relaxed mood, further heightened by tasting its selection of decadent desserts. Walnut chocolate cake, New York cheesecake, white chocolate pie and almond cakes are just some of the baked goodies sold at the cafe. Complete your afternoon tea with a cup of frothy latte or a hot pot of fragrant brewed tea.

kluay buad shi

6. A Taste of Thai: Sabeinglae

Sabeinglae is known for its seafood fare, but that does not mean that you cannot staisfy your sugar cravings after a hearty feast here. The eatery’s nondescript setting belies the fact that it dishes up an array of sumptuous fare. Gaeng kua hed lhoob (mushroom curry), wai kôo·a (a coconut milk curry with octopus) and oysters with fried garlic are some of the must-try items on the menu. A perfect meal is not complete without dessert, so order a serving (or two) of the kluay buad shi, a sweet treat of bananas in coconut milk.

7. Wholesome Goodies: June Art Cafe

Healthy and wholesome food does not have to taste bland. At June Art Cafe, delight your tastebuds and body by tucking into a meal of tasty mains, shakes and freshly baked treats. A good variety of sandwiches, wraps and burritoes means that decision-making may be a tricky affair – will it be that irresistable salmon and avo spring roll or a veggie mix of hummus, wholewheat bread and crisp vegetables?

We say – go for the lighter option, because you will want to save stomach space for a fluffy muffin, creamy gluten-free cheesecake or velvety chocolate cake.

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