What to Pack for Your Tropical Vacation

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Got plans for a tropical vacation in the works? We help to make your packing process a breezy affair with these packing tips:

Summer vacation essentials

Ladies’ Tropical Wear

There’s a high chance that you’ll be spending plenty of time frolicking along the golden shores of Samui, so be sure to pack in light and breezy wear for fuss-free afternoons and evenings at the beach. Throw in simple basics, such as shirts in neutral hues, a pair of denim shorts, cute rompers and flirty sundresses, and opt for clothing made from materials like cotton, rayon and linen.

Accessories, such as a statement jewellery or dangly earrings will add a pop of colour to your outfit for fancy night events and parties. Don’t forget to pack in a scarf or cardigan to keep warm during the chilly evenings, particularly if you’re travelling at the year end.

When it comes to footwear, ditch the sky high heels. A pair of havianas in a pretty hue will be a comfortable and stylish option for beach outings, while a trusty pair of strappy sandals will take you from day to night. If you’re planning to do lots of sightseeing and long walks, a good pair of walking shoes will be an essential item to add on to your packing list.

Tropical vacation men beach outfit

Men’s Tropical Wear

Pick items that are light to wear, and colours that do not absorb too much heat. Comfy tees and polo shirts made of quick dry materials are good choices; pack in multiple shirts to change into if you have a tendency to perspire easily. Look dapper with a short-sleeve button up for a fancy dinner party.

Do away with jeans; instead, pack in cargo shorts (the roomy pockets are great for storing travel essentials). Bring along a trusty pair of walking shoes, as well as lightweight sandals to keep your feet comfortable during long walks.

Travel Luggage

The rain can be on and off in the tropics. Keep your stuff dry with a waterproof backpack, or zip up your backpack with a waterproof cover during your travels. If you’re staying mainly in backpacker dorms during your trip, bring along essentials such as luggage locks and money belts.

Tropical vacation toiletries


Purchase travel-sized toiletries, or store your skin care products in travel-sized containers to make the best use of your luggage space. Minimalists will do well with a handful of essentials, such as a daily cleanser, sunscreen, 2-in-1 body wash, moisturiser, deordorant and plenty of mosquito repellant.

This toiletries packing list tends to lengthen into an extended one for most ladies. Must-bring items include cosmetics, facial creams, hair care products and cotton pads or swabs. If you find it a chore to bring along your makeup remover, a facial cleanser with makeup removal properties or nifty cleansing wipes will serve well as travel-friendly alternatives.


Travel adaptors, chargers, laptops and smartphones fall under this category. If you’re an avid photographer, you’ll want to pack in a good camera. Sure, smartphones these days are equipped with a mind-boggling array of features, but it can be frustrating to be limited to the zoom ability of a phone or tablet.

First Aid Kit

Plasters, ointments and medication are essentials that should go into your travel first aid kit. Be sure to pack in over-the-counter pills for tummy upsets if you’re travelling to a developing country. Include motion sickness pills if long car rides and outdoor safari tours are part of your itinerary.

Additional Information

Handy Travel Apps

If you’re one of those who can’t live without apps, go pro with Packing Pro – a handy app that provides sample packing lists. You can also customise the packing lists, create a list within a list (great for compulsive list makers) or build up a master family packing list that can be sorted out to each member of the clan.

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