Travel Checklist: What Features Makes A Villa Family-friendly?

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Making vacation plans for your entire clan to tropical Samui? If there are little ones in your troop, you’ll need to find a family-friendly villa that can accommodate their needs.

But what are the ingredients that make up a child-friendly abode? What’s considered to be essential will vary depending on the needs of your travelling party, but it’s widely agreed that safety features, like pool fences, pond fences and stair gates are must-haves, particularly if you’ve got a couple of mischievous, energetic imps to keep your eye on.

It’s no easy feat if the task of planning a family vacation lies on your shoulders, but with handy information – like this travel checklist – scouring for an ideal tropical getaway can be a breezy affair.

stair gates for children

The must-haves:


  • Pool fence
  • Pond fence
  • Stair gate
  • Closed stairway

Amenities for babies:

  • Cots
  • High chairs
  • Car seats

family friendly villa kids room

Amenities for young children:

  • Kids’ bedroom
  • Adjoining bedrooms
  • Toys and books
  • Babysitting services
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Enclosed living spaces

breakfast in villa

The nice-to-haves:

Services & location:

  • Daily breakfast
  • In-house chef (It’ll be helpful to check if the chef is able to prepare kid-friendly meals.)
  • Laundry services
  • Car and driver included with stay
  • Central location (situated close to shops and dining establishments)


  • Shallow pool
  • Entertainment room/ media room

villa basilio playground

Travel tips for a family-friendly vacation in Samui:

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