Girls’ Getaway: One Week in Samui With Your BFFs

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It’s time to take off with your girlfriends, and where else better to head to than tropical Samui? If you’ve carved out a week for your holiday, that leaves you with plenty of time to frolic along the island’s paradisiacal costs, hit the waves, indulge in spa treatments, hang out at enviable beachfront venues and party the night away…

Bo Phut

bo phut beach

Your getaway starts off at Bo Phut, where the vibes are laid back and relaxed. The coasts are free from the bustling crowds of lively Chaweng or Lamai, so it’s perfect for a relaxing retreat. When you’re not basking under the sun on the golden coasts you’ll likely be chilling out upon the sun-drenched deck at your villa or taking a dip in a private pool to cool down from the heat.

The shallow waters at Bo Phut may not be ideal for avid swimmings, but it’s great for snorkeling and kayaking. If your and your girlfriends are a sporty bunch explore the island on two wheels by joining cycling tour. A half day tour (lasting a duration of about four hours) is a suitable option for beginners. Your tour guide will take you on a trail past coconut groves, rubber plantations and temples as you discover the beauty of Samui’s southern coastlines. Cycling enthusiasts who are accustomed to longer distances will enjoy full day tours that last about seven hours, or customised tours that will lead you through more challenging treks.

fisherman village night market

The cool hours of the evenings are best for leisurely strolls and shopping. Get a feel of the local shopping scene by exploring the vibrant Fisherman’s Village night market. Sights and sounds compete for your attention in this bustling place, as stall owners hawk a diverse display of goods and play out energetic tunes from speakers. There’s plenty of food to keep you going while you explore, if you’re not one who minds trying out street food. Plates of papaya salads, mango sticky rice, coconut pudding and meat satays await. Yum!

Big Buddha / Bangrak

big buddha temple

After spending two or three days at Bo Phut it’s time to move eastwards towards Big Buddha, also known as Bangrak. There’s much to see and do here, whether you’re into cultural attractions, water sports or the beach. Big Buddha beach is a family-friendly coast that’s popular among the young and old alike, and it’s not hard to see why. The fine sand and calm waters makes it safe for the beach lovers to frolic in the waters, as strong or unexpected currents are rarely experienced here.

Relaxing by the coasts while sipping coconut water is what you’re meant to do along this lovely swathe of sand. But if you can’t resist a bout of underwater adventure you’ll be glad to know that the waters here are great for snorkeling and scuba diving too.

secret buddha garden

It’s not just all about the beach – Big Buddha is more than just the sun, sand and sea. Thailand is known for its finely decorated temples, and the one attraction that you shouldn’t miss out on is the renowned Big Buddha Temple. The gold Buddha statue, towering at a height of 12-metres, is a striking sight to behold. A walk through the temple complex will bring to sight a second Buddha statue, Brahmist and Buddhist architectual elements, as well as naga (cobra) statues. The Secret Buddha Garden, located within the vicinity, is worth a visit. This compact hilltop attraction takes about 45 minutes to explore. The garden emits vibes of peacefulness, and features a waterfall, stream and a collection of statues and structures.


Your last destination, Chaweng, lies southwards from Bangrak. This popular spot draws a crowd through the day – in the mornings and afternoons you’ll find the golden shores and pillowy daybeds filled with sun seekers. After dusk the area comes alive with travellers eager for a night of fun and partying.

chaweng night market

If your inner shopaholic remains unsatisfied after a bout of shopping at Bo Phut, it’s time to hit the repeat button. Get back into shopping mode by trawling through the streets of the Chaweng night market. Known more for its diversity of goods rather than street food, this night market is a dream come true for avid shoppers. You’ll find t-shirts, sunglasses, handbags, wood carvings, handmade sculptures, handwoven fabrics and more sold in the myriad stores located here. It’s the perfect place to stop by if you’re intent on doing some last-minute souvenir shopping.

But not everyone’s a fan of navigating their way through a labyrinth of stores and bargain-hunting. If rest and relaxation is what you seek, we recommend indulging in a pampering massage treatment. Enjoy a top-notch treatment at Raya Spa, where you can take your pick from treats like the coconut body scrub, tension relief massage, herbal steam bath and aloe vera and cucumber body wrap. For a treatment enjoyed in a lush, private setting we recommend calling a massage therapist for an in-house treatment at your villa.

spa treatment

With glowing skin and a tension-free body from your decadent treatment it’s time to let your hair down and party! Hip and happening Chaweng is known for its myriad nightlife spots, so you can be sure that you’ll have your share of fun and revelry through the night. If you and your girlfriends are brimming with energy, dance it off in a place like Ark Bar or Bar Solo Samui. Thumping beats and large crowds may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so if you’re in the mood for chilling out with drinks we recommend sipping a cocktail or two in a stylish venue like Bar@C or KC Beach Club.

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