Photographers in Samui: Weddings, Portraits and More

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When you want some of life’s best moments captured in a photoshoot, you’ll need a man (or woman) behind the camera that you can trust, and whose photography style appeals to you. If you’ve picked out Samui and its picturesque coastal scenery as a backdrop for your photoshoots, sieve through the portfolios of eight photographers based on the island below:

Anne-Sophie Maestracci

A long-time resident photographer in Samui, Anne-Sophie is familiar with the island, as well as the ins and outs of its numerous wedding venues. Specialising in wedding, honeymoon and engagement photographer, Anne-Sophie has a knack for capturing the beauty of those who are in love. Her works have also been featured in international bridal, lifestyle and property publications.

anne sophie maestracci samui photographer

Aidan Dockery

Originally from the UK, wedding photographer Aidan Dockery has made South East Asia his home for the past 12 years. Currently based in Thailand, Aidan is also available for shoots in locations across the globe. His works have been feaured in wedding publications like Asia Weddings & Honeymoons, Wedding Guide Asia and Praise Wedding Magazine.

aidan dockery photographer samui

Alexander Dadushko

Russian photographr Alexander Dadushko has been based in Samui for over five years. He specialises in wedding photography, but also conducts portraits and family photoshoots.

alexander dadushco photographer samui

Ana Grey

Photography was all but a hobby to Ana Grey, until she started taking wedding photoshoots about seven years ago. Since 2010, she has merged her passion with her work to start up her wedding photography business based in Samui. Ana covers destination weddings in Thailand and locations across Asia, and loves working on these photoshoots as it allows her to encounter new people and venues, as well as to capture the best moments and smallest details that are part of a wedding celebration.

ana grey samui photographer

Dimas Frolov

Based in Samui, photographer Dimas Frolov conducts a wide array of photoshoots, ranging from wedding photography, to portrait shots, family photoshoots and interior and real estate shots.

dimas frolov samui photographer

Jacques Herremans

Franco-Thai Jacques Herremans was born in Normandy, but has made Samui his home for many years. He turned his passion for photography and drawing into a profession by starting out as a freelancer for magazines and event companies. Since then, he has expanded his portfolio to cover a range of photography themes and events, like weddings, aerial photography, portraits, architecture shoots, commcercial shoots and sports and music events.

jacques herremans samui photographer

Koh Samui Photography

The man behind Koh Samui Photography is Pui, a Thai photographer based in Samui. Pui’s love for photography stems from a young age – when he was 12, he responded that he wanted to be a photojournalist when he grew up. Pui specialises in wedding photography, and covers photoshoots ranging from pre-wedding and engagment shoots to portrait shots.

koh samui photography

Octav Cado

Octav hails from Saint Petersburg, where he spent most of his life at. Brimming with a passion for photography, travelling and meeting people from all around the world, Octav decided to leave home in 2012. His pursuit of his dreams led him towards Koh Samui, where he works to capture the best holiday moments for tropical vacationers.

Octav is experienced with diverse types of photography, such as portrait, wedding, pre-wedding and family shoots. And what makes his pictures stand out from the crowds is his ability to capture the emotions of his clients during the shoot, such that it shines through in the photographs.

octav cado photography


Samui Studio

Samui Studio is helmed by Matt, a Thai photographer who adopts a ‘journalistic and natural’ style to wedding photography.

samui studio wedding photographer

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