Essential travel items to pack for a weekend on Koh Samui

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Thailand has some of the world’s most spectacular islands. Koh Samui boasts stunning beaches, lively towns and a host of stunning luxury villas. When you are visiting the islands these few essentials might just make all the difference to your stay. We’ve put together the essential list of what to pack for a weekend on the islands.

A bag filled with travel essentails

1.The essential travel towel

Whether you plan on island hopping, snorkelling till sundown or soaking up the sun on the sands. One thing to ensure is that you have a suitable beach towel. Leave the traditional towel at home and opt of a fast drying one. This handy essential isn’t just for backpackers. We’ve all returned from a swim to find our sodden towel is heavy with sand and no longer of any use. Travel towels are typically made of microfiber stopping the sand from sticking. The fast-drying fabric means you will be able to dry off as you return from the sea again and again.

two beach loungers and towels

2. It sounds obvious but pack your Sun Cream!

It sounds obvious that you would need sun cream on an island holiday but we’ve all found ourselves short on luggage space and opting to buy it when we arrive. This is possible on Koh Samui but be warned! Sun cream comes at a premium product here. We recommend grabbing some from duty-free as a last resort. Do note that sun cream in Thailand either has very SPF for the locals or very low SPF for tourists. Therefore, if you are looking for SPF 30 think ahead and pack it!

Travel esstentails towel and sun cream

3. Sarong and Flip Flops

Koh Samui is all about the laid-back lifestyle. The dress code is super casual and people move from the beach into the evening- without pausing to change. In order to embrace this, you may prefer to pack a sarong which allows you to step straight from the beach to the bar. There are plenty for sale on the island and they make a nice souvenir from your trip. However, while good quality sarongs can be found on the island, flip-flops sold here tend to be knock-offs of well-known western brands, so do watch out for that.

what to pack for Koh Samui

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4. Insect repellent

Depending on what time of year, you are visiting Koh Samui you may find they have other visitors too. There is no avoiding mosquitoes on a lush and tropical island, but instead of letting them ruin your holiday come prepared with strong insect repellent. On the island, several herbal based brands are available from Seven Eleven. However, if you require something stronger you will have to hunt down a pharmacy or pack it at home.

Thai Island with boats

5. Underwater Camera

Thailand has stunning coral reefs perfect for snorkelling or diving. Neighbouring Koh Tao is particularly famous for its diving and daily boat trips take drivers to the best spots. Most dive centres operating out of Koh Samui will visit these sites so be sure to pack an underwater camera to capture the stunning marine life.

Diver with underwater camera

A holiday on the islands is often the highlight of a trip to Thailand and this list will ensure you have everything you need to relax into island life.

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