7 Tips and Tricks for Luxury Travel on a Budget in Koh Samui

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It’s the holidays – time to live large and celebrate! But enjoying the perks of luxury travel doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to burn a hole in your wallet. Check out our post on how you can savour luxury travel on a budget in Koh Samui. Happy holidaying (and saving)!

1. The early bird gets the worm

luxury travel on a budget in koh samui

Take full advantage of those early-bird travel deals! While there are cost savings to be achieved from last-minute discounts, making early-bird purchases ensures that you’ll get the top accommodation or travel option of your choice – before it gets snagged up by fellow travellers.

These deals often offer discounts of up to 15 percent, although you may have to make a full payment upfront. Or sign up for newsletters from your favourite vacation rental and travel sites to get the first dibs on deals and discounts.

2. Invite your pals to join in your next Samui vacay

villa belle samui chaweng

Staying in a private villa can offer cost savings if you’re sharing a villa with your travelling party. Splitting the costs among a group of friends and family reduces your cost significantly. You’ll find that accommodation costs for each person may fall under $100 per night. This makes sharing a villa a more worthwhile option compared to putting up in a luxe hotel for two.

If you’re just getting started with planning your next Samui vacay, keep the dates flexible and send out invites to your best pals – you’ll be saving your hard-earned money and having a lot more fun too. The more, the merrier!

3. Venture off the beaten path

Skip the tourist hotspots and traveller favourites. Instead, stray off the beaten path towards secluded locations or hidden gems visited by few vacationers. Not only will you get to set sight on a site before it becomes over-populated and spoilt by tourism, you’ll also reap cost savings from lower accommodation costs and attraction fees. Locations like Bang Po, Taling Ngam and the southern coasts of Samui are places that offer holidaymakers a slice of quiet paradise.

4. It’s all about timing

work trip

There’s plenty of cost savings to be enjoyed when you travel during the low season – from discounted accommodation rates to attraction and transport fees. Apart from getting more bang out of your buck, you’ll be avoiding the busy tourist crowds too!

5. Extend your work trip for a mini-getaway

frequent flyer miles

Travelling aboard for a work trip? Grab the opportunity, and ask for permission to stay a few days after so you can travel with just paying a little more. Or tag along with your significant other when he or she heads out for a work trip, so you can save on accommodation and travel costs.

6. Stay loyal to chalk up miles

There are plenty of benefits to be reaped from staying loyal to your airline. When you’ve accumulated sufficient frequent flyer miles, you’ll be able to redeem them for free flights or enjoy advantages like reduced baggage fees, access to the airline’s lounge and early boarding – all of which help create a more comfortable flight experience.

7. Be selective about your splurges

Draw up your vacation budget list, listing down items in two separate columns: splurge and save. This will give you a clear idea of what you’re willing to scrimp on and where you’re happy to indulge.

There’s no fixed formula for this list – some of us are happy eating as the locals do, while others are particular about tucking into fine dining establishments. But when you’ve struck a happy balance with your list, you’ll find that enjoying luxury travel experiences – like staying in a private villa complete with personal chef, infinity pool and an array of luxe fittings – doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg.

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