The Quiet Charms of Mae Nam

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Beautiful Mae Name captivates with its quiet charms…

Step onto the white sandy beach, lined by towering coconut palms. Unlike the other beaches located along the east of Samui, such as Chaweng, Mae Nam Beach is quiet and serene.

This may be an isolated spot, but it does not mean that your stay here will be a boring one, for there are a variety of sights and sounds in Mae Nam that will appeal to visitors with diverse interests.

Wat Na Phra Lan

Cultural Exploration: Wat Na Phra Lan

Situated on the main Samui Ring Road, the Wat Na Phra Lan is one of the smaller temples on the island. The temple is the resting place of the ashes of a famous monk, Than Khura Phutsom. Devotees arrive at the temple to pay homage to his ashes on the last day of May and the first day of June every year.

Santiburi Samui Country Club

A Golfer’s Delight: Santiburi Golf Club

The Santiburi Golf Club is the only championship, eighteen-hole golf course constructed in Samui. The terrain of the course has a great variation, fluctuating between 25 to 180 metres above the sea level.

Avid golfers are in for a challenging game at this course, as each hole is positioned at different altitudes, creating an uphill and downhill golfing game. Golfers can also enjoy the scenic sights of the beaches and seas surrounding the golf course.

Samui Waterball

Only for Adrenaline Junkies: Samui Waterball

Have you tried just about every kind of adventure sports imaginable, and are looking out for your next adventure?

If you have nodded in affirmative, excited at the notion of your next adrenaline-rushing activity, Samui Waterball is the perfect sport for you!

First, you make your way to the top of a custom-made hill (this is the easy part). Next comes the exciting bit, as you choose between two ways in which you can make your way to the bottom of the hill.

If you like things wet and wild, you will be placed in the regular Waterball, which is a large ball containing a gallon of water. All that is left is for someone to give you a gentle nudge, and you will slip and slide around in the water ball as you roll down the hill at extreme speeds.

If you think this does not sounds exciting enough, you can pick the second option, known as the Ultimate Extreme Ride. You will be strapped up, so that there is no chance of you rolling about in the ball as you zoom down the hill.

There is nothing else that quite resembles this experience, although fellow adrenaline junkies who have tried and tested this have likened it to a NASA test experience in space.

Mae Name Walking Street

Shop, Eat and Discover: Walking Street

Held every Thursday evening at 5 P.M. in the central areas of Mae Nam, the Walking Street beholds a bevy of eateries and stalls. It is a popular destination for locals, expatriates and tourists alike to visit and explore.

Start from the main entrance, and feast your way through an array of tasty delights, such as crunchy tempura prawns, crisp pizzas and warm, fluffy pancakes. With your tummy all filled up, make your way down the street to browse through stalls selling an assortment of goods, ranging from fashion and accessories, to body care products and toys.

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