Street Food in Thailand: 5 Must-Eats

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Travellers, don’t miss out on trying these five delights when you explore Thailand’s street food stalls!

Wander through the crowded outdoor markets and walking streets in Samui, and watch as hawkers lining the streets dish up countless servings of delectable Thai fare. A combination of scents – spicy, sweet and savoury wafts in the air, drifting from the stalls selling a variety of mains, snacks and desserts.

If this is your first time trawling these streets, you may feel more than a little lost, wondering which and what food items you should try, for the choices are endless.

Take a look at our street food guide below, for we introduce you to five street food dishes that you must absolutely savour when you are in Samui!

Pad Thai

1. Phad Thai

This well-known dish can be found in practically any Thai eatery all over the world. However, it is still worth a try ordering up a serving of this appetising noodles when you are exploring the street food stalls.

Savour the noodles, and enjoy the interesting mix of flavours that makes the Phad Thai such a delight to eat. The noodles, served piping hot, have the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavours, with ground peanuts adding on a satisfying crunch to the texture of the dish.

Jim Jum

2. Jim Jum

Jim jum, a hot pot meal, is the perfect dish to enjoy when you explore the street food stalls along with your friends and family.

Seat yourselves at one of the tables laid out around the stall. A clay pot lies in the middle of the table, filled with steaming broth, all ready to cook the array of ingredients available. Make your selection from the variety of vegetables, noodles and meat items, dunk them into the soup, and voila! A scrumptious selection of tasty hot pot dishes is all ready for a satisfying meal.

Khao Neow Moo Ping

3. Grilled Pork with Sticky Rice

Known as Khao Neow Moo Ping in Thai, this dish is highly popular among the locals. They consume it as a snack, or also as a meal for their breakfast, lunch or dinner. The crisp texture of the grilled pork contrasts well with the soft, chewy texture of the glutinous rice.

Mmm…what a treat!

Mango Sticky Rice

4. Sticky Rice with Mango

Street food meals are not complete without desserts. If you are searching for a sweet treat to end off your meal, your best bet is definitely the well-loved sticky rice with mango.

Fresh, tender slices of mango are lined alongside a mound of sticky rice, topped off with a generous serving of fragrant coconut cream syrup. A bite of this tempting dessert will leave you yearning for more!

Thai Coconut custard

5. Thai Coconut Custard

This dessert, known as khanom thuay in Thai, is a coconut milk custard served in little, bie-sized bowls. You can easily find the coconut custard being sold in numerous stalls and carts along the streets.

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