What’s the best time for traveling to Samui?

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We bring you a handy and concise guide to help you plan your Samui vacation!

1. What are the seasons in Samui like?

The seasons in Samui can be classified into three categories: dry, hot and rainy.

Samui’s dry season lasts from mid-December till February. During this period, there is a fall in temperatures. This is accompanied by little rainfall, calm seas and light winds.

The hot season occurs during the months of March till September. Temperatures soar to a high of over thirty degrees during March and April, the hottest months of the year.

Come late April, there is an increase in rainfall, offering some welcome respite from the tropical heat. The days from May till September often include hot, sunny mornings and heavy rainfall during the afternoons.

The rainy season falls on the months of September till mid-December. During these months, the weather may be unpredictable and erratic, with rainfall occurring in short, sudden bursts.

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2. When are the best times to visit Samui?

June is a good time for travellers to visit Samui. During this month, the weather conditions are favourable for travel, as there is little rainfall and not too much heat. There is also lesser tourist crowds during this period.

Come July and August, tourist numbers soar to a record high, as it is the European school vacation period. These two months bring about an increase in accommodation prices, as well as crowded beaches and tourist attractions.

Mid-January to the end of February is also an ideal time for travellers to make a trip to Samui. The weather conditions are favourable, and the tourist spots are less crowded compared to the bustling festive periods of Christmas and the New Year.

3. Which months are unadvisable for visiting Samui?

Avoid travelling to Samui during the duration of mid-October to mid-December, as the monsoon rains are at its heaviest during these months.


4. Are there any noteworthy festivals that travellers should keep a lookout for?

The Thai New Year Festival, known as ‘Songkran’, is one of the biggest events of the year. Falling on 13th April, the celebration of the new year involves dousing passersby with water – all done in the name of good fun. Visitors can also look forward to plenty of parades and feasting during this period.

Music enthusiasts should keep a lookout for the Ko Samui Music Festival. Taking place during the months of September till October, this is a large-scale celebration considered as one of the region’s largest music festivals.

Avid fans of sailing will be interested in the annual Samui Regatta. Held at the end of May, it is an annual race that attracts participants from countries around the world.

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