3 Hybrid Sports You Must Try

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Whenever I have a vacation in mind or my friends are discussing where to go next, the ideas always revolve around Bali, Phuket and Krabi. Don’t get me wrong; I love these places tremendously for their gorgeous sceneries and the activities I get to enjoy there and not in Singapore. However, it has officially come to a point in time where I want it to be different – to do something new, somewhere new.

 A therapeutic retreat in Koh Samui is a choice that can’t go wrong. Staying in a villa with marvellous views, enjoying my morning dips with a good book in my hand and taking evening strolls down the gorgeous beaches, is my way of seeking inner peace and enjoy a restful escape from my hectic schedule in Singapore. There is no doubt in my mind that Koh Samui can deliver on this promise. Koh Samui, being such a peaceful island, had piqued my curiosity to know more about what it has to offer to people who are a little more adventurous or like to slip some fun into their holiday. I was indeed impressed by what I found in Koh Samui – The Hybrids. You won’t regret adding them in to spice up your tranquil retreat.

1) Snorkeling + Diving = Snookah Diving (Chaweng)

samui snookah diving
A couple enjoying snookah diving
samui snookah diving
Snookah diving with a turtle

Snookah Diving is my favorite hybrid of all. It is simply a splendid combination that you have to try. This is the puuuurfect activity for someone like me, who is afraid of going too deep into the sea and yet has ambitions to go beyond the level of water for snorkeling. It merges all the core benefits of snorkeling AND diving whereby you can have the complete experience of diving with the ease of snorkeling! In other words, you don’t have to carry heavy equipment and attend those long boring lessons!

Even if you are an experienced diver, trust me, snookah diving is still something that you shouldn’t cross off your list. You will be able to admire untouched reefs that are too deep for snorkeling but too shallow for diving. It is a gorgeous sight that you wouldn’t want to miss.

2) Football + Golf = Footbolf (Cheongmon)

Footgolf in Samui
Football Golf in a coconut plantation with good views

This is not the normal golf where you need to have plenty of technical skills to use a golf club to hit the white ball. Simpler than that, players are required to steer the football into 18 holes with as little strokes as possible in a coconut plantation. I wouldn’t deny that I actually enjoyed this more than the usual golf. Well, at least my football did travel more than a golf ball (which I always fail to hit).

3) Frisbee + Golf = Frolf (Maenam)

A tourist enjoying a game of Frolf
A tourist enjoying a game of Frolf

If you are better with your hand coordination, give Frolf a try. Frolf, also known as Frisbee golf or disc golf, has a twist to the usual Frisbee game or golf game that you know of. Combining the characteristics of Frisbee and golf, players are required to throw the Frisbee into 9 baskets (holes) with as few throws as possible. It was a sweaty but good bonding session with my friends. Suitable for almost all ages, this is definitely an ideal activity for families too.

A stay in the gorgeous and affordable villas that offer you fantabulous views and the opportunity to enjoy all these unique activities that you will not be able to find in Singapore – I am sure Koh Samui is going to surprise you with the amount of fun and tranquility you can find in this amazing place.

 Samui-Villa.com offers villas in ideal locations for you to enjoy these activities! Villa Kohia and Villa Baan Jakawan overlook the perfect beach for snookah diving, while Villa Belle and Hilltop Villa 5 are a quick drive away from the Foot Golf field. Let’s not forget Villa Gardenia and Villa Bougainvillea that are conveniently located near beautiful beaches and open fields, perfect for playing Frolf.

This article was written by Yvonn Ong.

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