Best Beach Activities in Samui: Top 5 Picks

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Lazing about along the sweeping beaches of Samui is an enviable activity, but there are much more that travellers can do to have fun under the sun. Energetic souls and the young-at-heart will enjoy an adventurous session at the Aquapark, while vacation makers with a love for underwater trips will be captivated by the myriad of marine life in the depths of the ocean. If you are a beach-lover set on hitting the coasts, take a look at our top five picks on the best beach activities in Samui: 

Aquapark Samui


Merry making in the sea has never been better than this! Take a break from the traditional water theme parks by venturing to Aquapark Chaweng, where all the action takes place in the ocean. A variety of large and small inflatables float about on the sea, beckoning out to thrill-seeking holidaymakers. Catapulting your fellow friends into the water is a joy at this attraction – all you need to do is to clamber up one of the bigger inflatables, jump down from a height onto a neighbouring inflatable, and watch as the force propels your mates up into the air!

The wet and wild fun at the Aquapark is suitable for visitors of all ages. Vacation makers in a laid-back mood may lounge about languorously by the beach, arming themselves with an array of delicious snacks and refreshing beverages.

Diving in Samui


A diversity of marine life creatures, such as green turtles, hawksbill turtles, whale sharks, banded sea snakes, moray eels and reef fishes lurk in the depths of the oceans surrounding Samui, providing a fascinating sight for travellers venturing down for an underwater expedition. Ko Tao and Ang Thong Marine National Park are home to a variety of dive sites suitable for divers with varying levels of experience.

Kayaking in Samui


Cruising along the waters on a kayak is one of the best ways of discovering the picturesque islands and coves surrounding Samui. Individuals may choose to paddle out on their own or to join in a kayaking tour. Ang Thong Marine National Park, as well as the neighbouring islands of Koh Tan and Koh Matsum are highly popular among travellers, for these sites also offer excellent snorkelling conditions.

Holidaymakers who do not wish to venture off the island may kayak along the waters at Bo Phut, Chaweng and Lamai Beach.

Sea Walking in Samui

Sea Walking

Don a heavy, quirky-looking helmet, submerge yourself into the depths of the water and you are all ready for an exploratory underwater walk.

A relatively new travel activity, the concept of sea-walking may sound rather strange to vacation makers. However, the principle behind this activity is far from new – in fact, it is highly similar to the way in which some of the first divers made their foray into exploring the depths of the ocean.

The helmet used for sea walking is a modern take on the old diving helmets used before. Clear panes on the front and sides of the helmet provides a good view of the surroundings, while a special apparatus pumping in a constant supply of oxygen allows for breathing underwater.

Snorkelling at Samui


The neighbouring islands surrounding Samui are known to present excellent conditions for snorkelling. Divers who embark on underwater expeditions at these sites are rewarded with striking views of a plethora of colourful and eye-catching marine life.

Koh Tao is regarded as one of the best snorkelling spots in Southeast Asia. A ride by speedboat takes about one hour, and travellers can depart from Mae Nam or Nathon. Koh Tan and Koh Matsum are also well-recommended spots for snorkelling, and are accessible via a long tail boat ride. Travellers who do not wish to venture out far may snorkel at smaller sites such as Coral Cove and Crystal Bay, located between Chaweng and Lamai.

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