Villa Spotlight: Villa Belle

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Make this luscious hillside villa your holiday home during your tropical vacation…

True to its name, Villa Belle is a beautiful gem tucked away along the verdant hills of Choeng Mon. Villa Belle’s beautiful architecture, well-designed grounds and gorgeous interiors offer a captivating sight, but the villa’s winning factor lies in the stunning panoramas of Plai Laem bay that it offers. Sun seekers can enjoy this breathtaking view while they take a dip in the sparkling waters of the infinity pool, while holidaymakers taking shade in the villa’s cosy interiors can gaze out at the scenic surroundings from within.

With a fine selection of pillowy sofa chairs, plush beds and a delightful terrazzo bathtub, there are plenty of reasons for travellers to stay indoors during their tropical vacation. However, avid beach-goers who are unable to resist the lure of a paradisiacal coast may take a quick drive out for a relaxing day along Choeng Mon Beach’s tranquil shores.

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