Book a Villa = Plant a Tree: Now you’ll plant a tree when you book our Samui villas

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We are no stranger to the effects of global warming and climate change.  In fact, each and every one of us, in some way and to some extent, has been affected by these. Although we may already have adopted certain conservatory measures in the way we live daily, our efforts shouldn’t go on a break just because we’re going on vacation.

Admittedly, tourism has a massive environmental impact, especially on the world’s favourite holiday destinations.  It’s an industry that involves movement – especially by air and land – which contributes greatly to air pollution.  It’s also an industry that requires land development which can cause ecological imbalance.  Take for example the case of Boracay Island which, recently, had to be closed to the public… At, we firmly believe that it’s every individual’s and business’ duty to give back to the environment, to live, work and travel more responsibly.

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Photo Credit: Correia Patrice Adobe Stock Photos’s “Book a Villa = Plant a Tree” Initiative

Did you know, on Sumatra Island, a rainforest the size of a football field is levelled every 10 seconds?  It was reported that the mangrove trees in these rainforests are replaced with palm trees for the extraction and import of palm oil.

In March 2018, we partnered with Reforest’Action to address the deforestation of Sumatra Island. For every booking made on the website, we will plant one mangrove tree there. At present, 1,888 trees have already been planted.

planting trees mangrove refoestation

mangrove reforestation in Indonesia

Track our progress here.

What is Reforest’Action about?

Founded by Stephanie Hallaire in 2010,  Reforest’Action advocates a “crowdplanting” approach – trees are “planted” on its digital platform which has actual, on-ground counterparts in France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the US, Haiti, Senegal, Peru and Indonesia.  To date, Reforest’Action has planted more than two million trees in these countries.

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So how can you help with ecotourism?

Well, you can be an eco-tourist.  Then, during your holiday, you can choose to patronize local artisans and shops where you can buy clothes, accessories, footwear, souvenirs and presents artistically made from sustainable materials.  When dining, you can also choose to go to restaurants which no longer use plastic and which serve healthy, organic food masterfully prepared with local ingredients. Stay with us and plant a tree ;)

Simply choosing these eco-friendly alternatives will truly go a long way.  Watch out for our Sustainable Travel Guide for more eco-tourism tips.  You can also visit the Reforest’Action website and see how you can help save the planet – one tree at a time.

As we journey throughout the planet, we must always be conscious of our environmental responsibility.  The Baltimore Grotto – a caving society with a Leave No Trace philosophy – eloquently advocates in its motto: …take nothing but pictures…leave nothing but footprints (preferably green, not carbon)…kill nothing but time

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