Walking Streets in Samui

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Explore a walking street every day of the week!

Travellers holidaying in Samui should definitely not miss on exploring its walking streets.

If this is your first time travelling to this lovely island, this question will inevitably pop into mind: “What’s a walking street?”

Chaweng night market

The walking street refers to a section of the road that is closed off to traffic, and set up with a variety of stalls for pedestrians. Stall owners hawk a diverse range of goods, ranging from clothing and souvenirs, to delectable local fare and beverages. Exploring the walking streets is a great way to get a glimpse into the lifestyles of the locals, as well as to mix and mingle with them.

We compiled a list of walking streets in Samui for every single day of the week below. Do check it out!

Mondays and Tuesdays: Chaweng Walking Street

Chaweng Walking Street is an explosion of sounds, sights and scents!

Put your bargaining skills to the test by haggling with stall owners over the prices of goods, such as clothing items, accessories, cosmetics and ornaments.

Foodies will undoubtedly be drawn towards the welcoming aroma wafting over from the food stalls. Make your way over, and you will set sight upon a myriad of stalls selling popular items like Thai sticky rice, grilled chicken, seafood items, refreshing smoothies and icy cocktails.

Wednesday: Choeng Mon Walking Street

Every Wednesday, the main road leading through Choeng Mon buzzes alive with a line of stalls being set up along the pathway.

The walking street in Choeng Mon is one of the smallest ones in Samui. However, food stalls are aplenty here, and you will not have to jostle among large, busy crowds while exploring the stalls.

Mae Name Walking Street

Thursdays: Mae Nam Walking Street

Mae Nam’s walking street packs a punch. It is lined up with a diversity of fascinating stalls, food vendors as well as mobile bars selling a wide selection of cocktails.

Make your way down the row of shops, and you will find vendors hawking sweet treats, buttery corn-on-the-cobs, handicrafts, clothes, toys and accessories. Do order a drink from one of the cocktail carts serving up beverages at fifty baht per drink. Sold at a fraction of prices of similar beverages in hotel bars, grabbing a cocktail here at the walking streets sure is value for money!

Bo Phut Fisherman Village

Friday: Bo Phut Walking Street

An archway along the ring road marks the start of the walking street at the Fisherman’s Village in Bo Phut. You will be charmed by the mix of Eastern and Mediterranean vibes present in this walking street – French-style boutiques seat next to pretty tea houses, and Mediterranean-style buildings blend right in with stalls fashioned out of traditional Chinese wooden shophouses.

Saturday: Chaweng Walking Street (near Centara Grand)

A small walking street is tucked away at the northern of Centara Grand. The stalls open at 5 P.M. in the evening each Saturday.

Lamai Walking Street

Sunday: Lamai Walking Street

Arriving at the Lamai Walking Street is a must, for a plethora of food stalls awaits! You will find stalls selling crispy, fried fish balls, grilled corn, savoury Phad Thai, sizzling kebabs and locals snacks and desserts.

After you have satiated your hunger by trying out the appetising array of food available, wander off to the section of the walking street filled with stalls hawking local products and souvenirs. There is only one thing left for you to do here – shop till you drop!

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