Discovering Lamai’s Nature ‘N Nightlife

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Lamai appeals to travellers with its scenic nature and happening nightlife spots – find out all about them in this post!

Hin Ta Hin Ya

Lamai holds the second spot after Chaweng, Samui’s top tourist hotspot. One senses a more laid back and relaxed vibe in Lamai, a contrast to the busy bustle of Chaweng.

Lamai caters well to a diversity of travellers with its myriad attractions and activities. It is home to scenic nature and cultural sites, as well as an array of shops, spa and wellness centers, and trendy nightlife joints.

Come join us, as we explore the best of Lamai for travel in our post below!

Lamai’s Scenic Nature

Venture to the southern end of Lamai Beach, and you will set sight upon a popular attraction, Hin Ta and Hin Ya. This rock formation draws curious glances, giggles and plenty of snapshots from tourists as their shape and form resembles male and female genitalia.

Pagoda Khao Chedi

Head down southwards from Hin Ta and Hin Ya, and make your way towards the Lamai Overlap Stone, a quirky rock structure located 150 metres above the sea level. The climb to reach these boulders is not an easy one, but it is worth it as you will be rewarded with mersmerising, sweeping views of Lamai Bay and the eastern coasts of Samui.

Next, make your way to Pagoda Khao Chedi, a beautiful white stupa situated atop a hill. This dome-shaped structure is encircled by twenty golden Buddha statues. Clamber up the steps to the peak, and enjoy the sweeping views of Laem Sor Bay and the surrounding islands from this spot.

Nightlife Joints in Lamai

When night beckons, it is time to let your inner party animal go wild and free! Lamai offers plenty of options, ranging from cocktail bars and live music venues, to discos and trendy nightclubs.

Travellers in search of a bar boasting great cocktails and welcoming vibes should hop on over to Bear Cocktails, a popular outlet with a loyal following among tourists and locals. It is a fantastic spot to meet new people, engage in friendly banter and to enjoy well-made drinks.

The Rock Bar Samui

Another spot not to be missed is the Lava Lounge. Customers have offered rave reviews about the lounge, praising its extensive cocktail menu, as well as the warm and affable service of its staff.

If you are a fan of reggaeton music, and are seeking out a quirky spot, The Rock Bar is a place that will definitely float your boat! It boasts a relaxed atmosphere, lovely views of the surroundings and energetic reggae tunes. Let your hair down and enjoy a relaxing night out!

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