Rambutan Villa
Rambutan Villa
Rambutan Villa

Rambutan Villa

  • Тихое и безмятежное расположение
  • Частная и безопасная территория
  • Теннисный корт
  • Обеденная терраса открытой планировки
  • причудливый пейзажный водоем, который водопадом плавно перетекает в главный бассейн

About Rambutan Villa

Эта причудливая вилла расположена в северо-восточной части острова Samui, и спрятана в 730 квадратных метрах тропического рая. Вилла является частью владений Samui Summit, которая предоставляет своим гостям широкий спектр услуг, включая частный теннисный корт.
Вилла имеет впечатляющую конструкцию бассейнов, которая состоит из главного большого бассейна и маленького, расположенного уровнем выше, который соединяется с главным посредством каскадного водопада. Вилла включает 3 со вкусом оформленных спальных номера, которые выходят на шикарный бассейн, утопающий в изумительных тропических садах. Первая спальня оборудована двуспальной кроватью, крытой и открытой ванной комнатой. Вторая спальня - двумя односпальными кроватями и ванной комнатой. Третья спальня также является двуместным номером с двуспальной кроватью с приватной ванной комнатой.
Гостиная и столовая виллы оформлены в соответствии с концепцией открытой планировки, что позволяет повсеместно проникать солнечному свету и прохладному морскому бризу. Полностью оборудованная кухня примыкает к террасе, где расположена открытой планировки столовая, которая идеально подходит для приятных семенных обедов или романтического ужина под открытым небом в окружении красивого пейзажного бассейна. Вы также можете расслабиться или просто побездельничать на территории уютной открытой беседки, расположенной рядом с террасой.



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Отзывы клиентов

10/10 (Средний рейтинг основан на 6 обзоры)

We loved every bit of our stay at the villa and feel homesick already. We loved the house very much - our eleven-year-old daughter, Lara, is crying every single day (combined with some jet-lag) because she misses it. The location couldn't be better: rather secluded and right on the beach, yet within walking distance of the resort's restaurant. We went snorkeling daily for several hours. Although we've been on snorkeling trips, we never really found better places than just in front of the house and at Long Bay when we used the kayaks. Once we found ourselves surrounded by hundreds of thousands of fish (I am not exaggerating!) at Long Bay. It was really the whole Bay full of fish - from very tiny to 15 cm long. And then cruising in that sea of fishes there were ten or more beautiful silver Tarpons - about 1,5 to 2 meter long each. It was very peaceful in my eyes, although Rita and Lara were a bit afraid. It was an unforgettable experience. We also saw really beautiful turtles and very elegant large barracudas, rays - all kinds of reef fish - and a big living conch. The house was perfect to our use - designed with great taste. The kitchen was complete with chef-knives and all imaginable appliances (the best for us being the Japanese Teriyaki plate). The air-conditioning was fine-tuned all-over - what can a guest want more? Satin sheets covered the super king sized beds with the best mattresses. It was difficult to get out of sometimes! It was great. We also enjoyed what we call "double car-wash" showers and the super Jacuzzi. Outside we had a wonderful setting of beach-chairs perfectly located in front of the elegant pool and a top-notch BBQ. The staff at the resort was very friendly - really! People who visit the Caribbean often will know what we mean by that. We loved every bit of Rambutan!

Vanhecke (Нидерланды) отдыхал(а) на вилле Rambutan Villa с друзьями с 23/06/2015 по %to

I am so happy that Rambutan Villa is open again! I have been trying to book a stay here for two years now, but it has been closed due to construction in the area. It is as lovely as ever, right on the beach. It is literally steps to the beach, quiet and private. We loved being accessible to everything. The villa is appointed so comfortably. It is very serene and Zen-like. We felt like it was home. There are some new updates. The sheets are amazing - same as The Wynn in Las Vegas, which is super high end. The towels are lovely, too! They also now offer a boat service pick up from Beef Island. It's an additional cost, but worth it. It sure is nicer and more on time than the ferry! The Captain comes and meets you, and there are drinks on board. It's just lovely. If you have never stayed here or been to Virgin Gorda, I highly recommend it. Our family loves it!

VG (Австралия) stayed at Rambutan Villa with a group of colleagues from 06/01/2011 to 09/01/2011

Hello...yes I have stayed in Rambutan Villa last September...it was totally private and beautiful. The concierge was so helpful, the private chef was excellent. The sunsets were beautiful!!! Driving to and from was a little dangerous...you have to take your time, but once your there it is worth it. Do not feed the roosters or they will wake you in the morning and not leave you alone. The lizards are sooo cute. Watch out for the scorpions or they may get in your shoes. Keep all doors shut at night. if you get a heavy rain you will see a mudslide come down the right side of the cliff along the villa. Take a camera! You should take advantage of the kayaks, but wear rubber shoes so you do not cut yourself on the coral. You have to visit Spanish Town and go to the Baths to snorkel. You may read my notes in the rambutan Guestbook as you go in the front door. Is this the first time in this villa? E-mail me and let me know how your trip was and if you have any questions. I would be glad to answer any you may have. I am from NJ. You must take full advanttage of the cottages in the back as well. Take a tape recorder to record all the sound from the jungle at night...it is an awesome experience!!!Sincerely, Linda Rose Enjoy!!!!

LR (Соединенные Штаты) отдыхал(а) на вилле Rambutan Villa с друзьями с 01/01/2010 по %to

We just got home from there last night! I can't tell you how beautiful the place is - it was unbelievable. The ride up is a bit bumpy, but well worth it once you arrive. There were nine of us from 15 months to 56 years and there was something for everyone. We had Chef Chet come two nights - the first night was so wonderful that we asked him back again - definitely try him out. Irma will attend to your every need - she will arrange anything and everything for you - you'll talk to her or see her each day - she brought housekeeping by each day and then picked her up afterwards. If there's anything specific you'd like to know feel free to ask! Tammy

Tammy (Соединенные Штаты) отдыхал(а) на вилле Rambutan Villa с друзьями с 01/01/2010 по %to

This was a return visit to Rambutan Villa for us and it was fantastic! We didn't have any issues with mosquitoes, the pool and lounge chairs were great as was the weather! The Villa itself was immaculate and we certainly slept well with the big beds and air conditioning!

BN (Канада) отдыхал(а) на вилле Rambutan Villa с друзьями и семьями с 01/01/2010 по %to

You'll love it!! Villa Rambutan is a bit of heaven. Rambutan has a magical quality- perhaps it's the hint of Thai influence in the peaks of the roof or the lush gardens that create a complete oasis around the villa. It is as though Villa Rambutan is suspensed alone in time somewhere at the edge of the world. We didn't want to leave and it was easy to imagine that we would never have to! The kitchen, dining, living room is the best group gathering spot I can imagine with doors opening out upon views of turquoise waters, the uninhabited dog islands and your own private beach and pool. There is something magical about the entire effect- the landscaping highlights stunning views but the views are different from each room and are framed by perfect palm trees. We enjoyed lounging around the villa, walking the beach everyday (never saw another soul) and snorkeling. I've been to Virgin Gorda quite a few times, and the sea fans and corals were more vibrant in front of Villa Rambutan than any others I've seen throughout the BVI. On more ambitious days, we hiked the road behind the house (up a the mountain with stunning views every step of the way) and packed lunches for kayak/snorkeling adventures. In addition to the private beach in front of Rambutan, there are many other uninhabited beaches to choose from within a short kayak! The villa is equipped with everything you need, from top notch kitchen appliances and cookware to snorkels and kayaks, games and books. You do need a car to explore the island... we were happy to relax and stay put. I couldn't think of anywhere on Virgin Gorda that was more enticing than relaxing at Villa Rambutan.

Kate (Соединенные Штаты) отдыхал(а) на вилле Rambutan Villa с друзьями с 01/01/2010 по %to

Услуги и особенности

  • Удобства:

    • Дополнительная кровать (доп. плата) (58 USD/ночь, 1 чел. макс.)
    • Беседка
    • Стоянка на боковой улице
    • Полотенца для бассейна
    • Зонт у бассейна
    • Сейф
    • Бассейн
    • Терраса
    • Wi-Fi Интернет
  • Транспорт:

    • Доставка из аэропорта включено: 1 автомоб. макс., в обе стороны
    • Автомобиль (доп. плата)
    • Водитель (доп. плата)
  • Дети:

    • Детская кроватка
    • Няня для детей (доп. плата)
  • Питание:

    • Повар (доп. плата) (свяжитесь с нами)
    • Кофеварка
    • Ежедневный завтрак включено
    • Ужин (доп. плата)
    • Полностью оборудованная кухня
    • Обед (доп. плата)
  • Развлечения:

    • DVD-проигрыватель
    • Спутниковое телевидение
    • Телевизор
  • Услуги:

    • Уборка
    • Массаж (доп. плата)
    • Личный помощник гостей
    • Охрана
    • Напитки при приезде на виллу
  • Спорт:

    • Теннисный корт
  • Подробности:

    • Макс. кол-во чел.: 6
    • Персонал:
  • Правила и условия:

    • Заселение после 03:00 pm
    • Выселение: до 11:00 am
    • Поздний выезд: до 06:00 pm оплата 50% от суточной стоимости (при возможности)


Минимальное кол-во ночей 2 спальни 3 спальни
с 11/01/2019 по 01/02/2019 Высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 12,380 RUB ₽ 12,380
с 01/02/2019 по 11/02/2019 Средний сезон ночи RUB ₽ 17,640 RUB ₽ 17,640
с 11/02/2019 по 29/04/2019 Высокий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 12,380 RUB ₽ 12,380
с 29/04/2019 по 28/09/2019 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 11,680 RUB ₽ 11,680
с 28/09/2019 по 07/10/2019 Средний сезон ночи RUB ₽ 17,640 RUB ₽ 17,640
с 07/10/2019 по 21/12/2019 Низкий сезон ночи RUB ₽ 11,680 RUB ₽ 11,680
с 21/12/2019 по 07/01/2020 Пиковый сезон ночи RUB ₽ 17,640 RUB ₽ 17,640

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